KoeKompas: insight into animal health, animal welfare and possible risks

KoeKompas is a management system which gives an overview of the animal health, the animal welfare and the possible risks at the dairy farm. Herewith the statutory requirement concerning the Farm Health Plan can be complied with. KoeKompas shows what is going well, in what areas there are possible risks and what aspects of the technical operational management leave room for improvement.

KoeKompas assessments are annually conducted at every dairy farm by an assured veterinarian who has completed the training for KoeKompas and is registered with the Stichting Zuivelplatform.

Monitoring of seven categories

The dairy farmer and the veterinarian together assess seven categories, being milking, feed & water, accommodation, animal welfare, working routines, animal disease incidence and young cattle breeding. The operational management is assessed making use of 40 measuring points (risk control points) spread over the seven categories. The measuring points are scored on a scale from 5 (low risk) to 1 (high risk). By connecting the points on the seven axes with each other, a field is created in the spider web. The larger the coloured field, the lower the risk (better) in the operational management of the cattle farmer.

The measuring points are scored on a scale from 5 (low risk) to 1 (high risk).

Draw up KoeKompas and personal advice

KoeKompas is drawn up by the dairy farmer completing a questionnaire through a web application and the veterinarian giving scores for all items on the score list and adding observations. The score list consists of the seven categories, the performance indicators for each category and the management checkpoints per performance indicator. The score is between 1 and 5. 1 stands for high risk and 5 for low risk. The cattle farmer receives the KoeKompas figure, the score list and a short report explaining the scores for reporting. Based on this the veterinarian gives advice about any possible improvements and action points are identified. Then the farmer and the veterinarian together formulate the objectives to be worked on. Another completely new report will be drawn up during the next KoeKompas visit. Then the advices and tips of the previous time are evaluated and new action points are formulated. In this way an annual improvement cycle is created based on the current assessment and evaluation of the milk quality and the health and the welfare of the livestock.

Farm health plan

The Farm Health Plan is drawn up by the veterinarian in consultation with the farmer and undersigned by them both.


As a result of the drawing up of KoeKompas the farmer also receives a report of the WelzijnsMonitor. This is a measurement of the welfare of the livestock. This monitor is a practical application of the Welfare Quality® standard.