KoeData: insight into animal health

KoeData provides insight into the animal health at the dairy farm and with this the risk of the presence of cows needing extra attention based on objective data every quarter of the year. This is based on the EU Hygiene Regulation 853 which states that the dairy farmer is responsible for supplying milk coming from healthy cows.

Each quarter, the development of 11 aspects is tested by means of indicators that are decisive for animal health. The data of dairy farms are automatically collected from certified sources of various authorities in the Netherlands. Then indicators are calculated for each farm and compared with national average values. In this way, every dairy farmer is given insight into the development of the animal health at his/her farm based on objective data. With this causes of deterioration of the animal health can be timely identified and measures for improvement can be taken, if necessary. By applying a certain formula, the 11 indicators result in a total score, the KoeData score, and an animal health status A, B or C.