animal health,
animal welfare,
food safety

Objective data annimal health

Insight into the animal health every quarter of the year

Identify cows needing extra attention

Assurance of supply of milk from healthy cows

Management system

Insight into animal health, animal welfare and possible risks

KoeMonitor: integral assurance system for the dutch dairy farming sector

Producers of foodstuffs have to comply with statutory requirements. These have been laid down in national and European regulations. One of the regulations applicable to Dutch dairy farmers and dairy companies is the EU Hygiene Regulation, which includes health regulations for the production of raw milk. The Dutch dairy sector also has to comply with the Official Controls Regulation. This outlines what the official control of products intended for human consumption has to comply with.

KoeMonitor [Cow Monitor] complies with EU regulations, with Dutch laws and with a number of above-statutory requirements of the quality systems of Dutch dairy companies.

Explanation koemonitor

In short


Insight into the animal health every quarter of the year

KoeData score (computerised) based on the development of 11 indicators.


Identify cows needing extra attention

Assures that only milk from healthy cows is supplied to and processed by food companies.


Management system

Management system which gives an overview of the animal health, the animal welfare and the possible risks at the dairy farm.